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Wrap Up – January ’21

It’s 2021, y’all, but if you’ve came here expecting major new year, new me energy from me… I’m sorry to disappoint. New year, pretty goddamn similar me but like, with a Goodreads goal of 150 instead of 140. That’s pretty much all the character development you’re going to get from me. As it becomes painfully … Continue reading Wrap Up – January ’21

Wrap Up – September ’20

Ok, so this wasn’t the best reading month for me. By that I mean, I read 10 books. Yeah, it’s not great. I was in sort of a reading slump. Partially because I read some really bad books, partially because I read some really long books and definitely because I read books that were bad … Continue reading Wrap Up – September ’20

Finally Fall Book Tag

My first ever tag! This really is a momentous occasion. Autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons. The colours, the warm drinks, the extra reading time from being inside that just is already a thing because of coronavirus. Small victories? Anyway, this tag was created by Tall Tales over on YouTube. 1. In fall, … Continue reading Finally Fall Book Tag

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